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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻

My sister, and few female friends/other sisters, they all started with drawing, illustration, vector, and such. Some of them started with Frontend.

They were always trying something new, specially tools like inkscape/illustrator was there for when they needed it. Feels fun watching them trying to do various creative stuff.

Few also tried backend, networking and QA, but, honestly I did not feel any of them as energized as the others mentioned above.

I missed one thing, illustration/vector etc stuff, can help you in lots of ways. Look at the badges of this site, doesn't it look cute? Do you think someone stupid like me can design such creative stuff? Also, you can keep thinking about something creative and spend time on it at a later time.

Illustration for the win!

PS: Ask her if she likes to draw or likes cute stuff like this. And she can actually help you in many ways that you cannot even think.

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lukaszkuczynski Author

Drawing is nice. Visual stories about data are very important I believe. But Don't you think everything in resources of GIFs and small images has been already invented?

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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻

I wanted to write a post few weeks ago. It was after I talked with 3 friends, who showed me how things were different from them. All of them had one specific line even though they did not know each other personally.

"You are not a girl, so you won't understand our struggle."

Obviously that's true. I had a deep thought about it and still could not go anywhere. But then I suggested them this,

What will you do if I sponsor or gift you a course/training on wordpress?

Now, they barely know wordpress, or maybe knows but never used intensively. But all of them said they would love to try this no matter what.

They have their own way to keep up with struggle.

Drawing is not the important feature here, neither is frontend, or backend. The important point is to present her few possible choices and utilize that moment so she can achieve her goal.

There are hundreds of things she can help you with. I can provide some examples, but each of this will greatly vary on how you interpret it. She still doesn't know how to do this, so it will take a bit time, Anything a VA can,

  • Analyse, gather important points/requirements and draw a flowchart for the project
  • Find or reply your clients email
  • Create nice flowchart and presentations for the customer based on the data you provide, maybe include some attractive drawings
  • Figure out problems to solutions from a users perspective.
  • Reply on social media based
  • And so on, so you can focus on your actual work at ease.

It might feel not important, but if you think a bit, she can actually help you in ways that you never imagined.

Another great example is, she can make sure you follow a proper timetable and ensure your health doesn't fall apart. She can guide you by the guideline you set yourself. She an read blogs, learn from it and apply it to manage things for you. I can go on and write a book about these things that can make your life easier no matter how you see it.

There are many ways she can help, and all you will need to ask her,

Do you think you can do this?

And if she cannot, then tell,

Okay, let's figure out something better next time. :)

Or something like that. You can change the words as you like.