Discussion on: The State of Developing on Windows 2019: Impressive!

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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻

I use docker and puppeteer extensively. There wasn't any day I did not use them. After some problem with now, I thought to give it a try. I ran VSCode and many other GUI inside WSL. Was really excited.


  • DPI: My eyes!
  • GUI: It was slow no matter what I tried.
  • Docker and Chrome: Couldn't run them. No matter what. Found some workaround to run them, but it's painful to use such workarounds for every project.
  • File IO: Hella Slow. Xampp installation took 20+ minutes on WSL, 2 minutes on windows, 2 minutes on linux. Yes, 20 to 2.
  • VSCode: I could get debug and terminal working properly with wsl, but all other extensions that has formatting etc. failed.

I like what WSL did so far. I tested it when it was first released, I tested it 2 days ago. Spent almost 20+ hours on it over 2 days and result? I am disappointed and hopeful.

Linux has Wine, Windows has WSL. Both are just compatibility layers IMO, I better not have high hopes for them.

I should mention, I have a desktop and laptop. The desktop has dual boot, and even GPU passthrough inside linux to windows on KVM. I cannot dual boot my laptop yet. Everything is up and dandy on desktop, so...

I spent 20 hours to solve a 10 seconds problem (bootup my desktop).

Why? If I travel around, who is gonna setup all these? 🤷