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I don't agree. People are learning (memorizing is more accurate) the react (angular, vue etc...) without knowing javascript. I know lots of people like this and their code is really really bad. I bored of fixing their damn codes. So, react api is more simple could be a reason but people don't even know that too.
Btw, good article!


A comment and some conjecture on the why behind this...An observation of job options, companies emphasize framework proficiency (react, angular, vue) above foundation stability (vanilla js). So if your learning or developing as a dev. The economic incentive is to learn enough JS to get by then learn a js framework and get hired.

  • A little perspective for thought... Would you say a cook just memorized a recipe because they don't understand the chemistry underpinning the interaction? Did you "memorize" JS because you don't know all of the underpinnings of C?

The line of reason applied is an infinite regression....

Just food for thought since more frameworks and languages are going to be built on others in the years to come.

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