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(Javascript) My learning journey Part 1: What is Javascript, role and use case?

One of my resolutions for 2021 is to deepen my knowledge in JS. That's why I started a complete new training in JS. From completely zero to intermediate.

An essential point to remember a training course is to take notes and discuss the subject with others. That's why every day I will post on the concepts and notes that I learned the day before.

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Without further ado here is a summary of my notes for day 1.

What is Javascript (JS)?

JS is a high level programming language. That is, it allows you to create applications relatively easily and quickly without worrying about basic complicated details like memory allocation.

JS is an object oriented, multi-paradigm language. It allows you to use several programming styles.

Javascript use case

JS is mainly used to create dynamic and interactive web applications.

The JS code can be executed in the browser but also on a server.

Now in 2021, JS is used everywhere. With JS you can create web applications but also desktop, mobile, console and even games.

Javascript vs ECMAScript?

ECMAScript is the standard that JavaScript is base on. ECMAScript is a subset of JavaScript. JavaScript is basically ECMAScript at its core but builds upon it.

Each year ECMA organization add new features to ECMAScript. (eg ES6)

How to get backwards compatibility?

Since JS run in the browser it need to keep its backwards compatibility. For example ES6 can`t compile directly in all browsers, so need an compiler from ES6 to ES5, for that compiling using babel, it produce the browser compatible javascript.

End of day 1

Day 1 is over, tomorrow we start writing code. Cant wait ...

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