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PHP 8 really?

ericchapman profile image Eric Chapman Updated on ・2 min read

What is PHP

PHP is a general purpose and Open Source programming language, specially designed for the development of web applications.

Is PHP 8 serious?

PHP is the most widely used server programming language on the web today. Just under 80% of websites have PHP code. It's enormous! PHP is not going to disappear anytime soon.

Why PHP vs the others

This point is more subjective but for me PHP is a mature, solid and complete language. PHP is currently at version 8 and contains everything a modern language should have.

PHP has evolved a lot in recent years. The addition of object oriented and several other modern concepts have dramatically changed the way PHP web applications are coded.

PHP is now used by millions of websites. Including Facebook, Wordpress, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Slack and many more.

The PHP community is very large, very dynamic and inclusive. Everyone is welcome. There is no snobbery, it is a real mutual aid community.

PHP can also rely on high quality frameworks like Symfony and Laravel (and several others). These frameworks allow you to develop web applications quickly and reliably.

For example, Laravel allows you to develop a modern object oriented PHP web application.

Laravel provides you with proven tools and libraries that can help you code applications from A to Z, quickly and efficiently.

Laravel also allows you to create fullstack web applications. Both frontend and backend. This makes it possible to facilitate and accelerate the development of a complete application.

In short, with PHP you can carry out small, big and very big projects. PHP can handle a few clicks per day or millions of clicks per day.

Finally, yes, really, PHP is serious and yes PHP is worth using and mastering.


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Discussion (3)

josunlp profile image

A small correction, Facebook shifted its front-end Technology to React and its backed to HackLang, also a in-house developed Language, inspired by PHP.

lawrencejohnson profile image

I was hoping to hear about php8. Also you don't need laravel for any of those things.

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Rishiraj Purohit

You might want to update the spelling of symfony tag

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