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Discussion on: What songs help get you "unstuck"?

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I've got a "daily playlist" that helps me focus a bit and keep me in the right mood. It's all music I like, obviously, but almost none of it is there just because I like it. Beyond that, it depends in what way am I stuck. And I'll admit, at least some of my choices are outright attempts at self-manipulation.

If I'm feeling overwhelmed, I've been known to put the Eagles Get Over It on loop for an hour or two.

Undermotivated? The Secret of My Success, and if underappreciated as well, Paul and Storm's Opening Band.

Sluggish? Monkey and the Hitman by Kitsch In Sync. It's what my wife refers to as "Muppet music" and always puts me in a bouncy mood. Good luck finding that one, though. I got it as a sample with a Turtle Beach Audiotron a few decades ago and haven't been able to find as much as a reference to the band since.

Heather Alexander or Alexander James' March of Cambreadth, because some times I need to feel like it's time to hit back (problems, not people).

Sometimes, when I'm in the groove and want to maintain it, Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries hit's the spot. That just goes really well with being so productive you feel like you're a force of nature.

Of course, despite how precisely I chose some songs, other songs make the list without having any kind of message. Blinded by the Light might as well be random syllables for the amount of message there, but there's not that many songs that make me feel like the words are another instrument as much as that one.

So yeah, I think I just dated myself, as if some of my opinions on software didn't already do that. :-)