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Discussion on: Everything You Need to Know About the AccessiBe Debate

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Eric Bailey • Edited on

Nice article, Thuy. Thank you for writing it!

Just wanted to chime in with two things on accessiBe's "AI":

  1. The ARIA the overlay applies doesn't always work as anticipated by assistive technology users, and sometimes can actually inhibit access.
  2. The automatically generated alternate descriptions can be inaccurate to the point where it does not inform a blind or low vision user with the same quality of information a sighted user may experience.

If you're interested, I'd suggest checking Exhibit A For 21-cv-00017. Evidence for point 1 starts on page 23, and evidence for point 2 starts on page 9.

I'd also recommend reading the conclusion that starts at the bottom of page 31. It's pretty compelling stuff.

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Thuy Doan Author

Thanks, Eric!

And thank you for the extra resource. Would love to read more about how accessiBe underserves people in the community. I tried to show that with the discourse section. Could the point have been stronger? Let me know :)

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Eric Bailey

I think it was really well articulated!

I was hoping to provide a little more clarity around what their AI is, and its quality. A lot of people read the phrase AI and assume it works perfectly like magic, but there's oftentimes a lot of bias and bad results, especially for something like alternate descriptions.