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Discussion on: Safari - The Internet Explorer of the Mobile Web

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Erik Araujo • Edited on

I do not agree with the last point. Even my 60 years old dad found the "add to home screen" feature very quickly by his own.

I do agree with everything else, though.

I feel like it's very important to mention that even with all its flaws, Safari is currently the only iOS browser that treats iPad as computer. Chrome's "request desktop version" is absolute s**t and the same can be said about Firefox's.

And, honestly, considering what the iPad Pro is, treating it as less than a desktop browser is just unfair to iPad users.

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Carlos Ouro Author

In my view the latest "add to home screen" serviceworker hooks and URL bar button make it a totally different experience than having to guide through menus to add the app.

Agreed on iPad considerations - it is actually doing arguably better than the competition there.