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Discussion on: Which Linux Desktop Environment will be the best for you?

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Erik Nelson

Is this still true? I haven't seen this recommendation made very often anymore

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Paul Edworthy

I've been doing lots of distro searching the last few weeks, just debating on upgrading Ubuntu 18.04 or using something newer (on my daily driver). I have a 2nd laptop I use sometimes that I try different distros on for curiosity sake.

Seemingly every list I see has Mint at or near the top for new users. But I think to your point, no, it's not the default recommendation anymore. I guess we're past the point of having one good beginner distro and there are a few good options.

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Nazmus Sakib Author

Ya lot of things have changed actually, & distros are more usable & newbie-friendly than ever. Who thought people will suggest Arch-based distro to newbies! Now I do recommend Manjaro!