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Discussion on: How to convert .py to .exe? Step by step guide.

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Glad you got it fixed!

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Eshleron Author • Edited on

So now I have encountered "SystemExit: pre-safe-import-module hook failed, needs fixing." error myself. I've tried "babel.numbers" solution, didn't help. What helped me solve it was a combination of google search and intuition.

My error was something like this: "PyInstaller\hooks\pre_safe_import_module\", line 33, in pre_safe_import_module"

  1. First, as the internet suggested, I uninstalled "usual" Pyinstaller and installed Pyinstaller dev with:
    pip install
    That took care of this problem.

  2. But then the second problem emerged: "ImportError: Module 'pywintypes' isn't in frozen sys.path". That was solved by excluding pywin32 from imports in Auto-py-to-exe (Pyinstaller).

I hope this helps someone sometime!
Good luck coding!

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