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Discussion on: How did you land your first job as a junior?

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During my undergraduate days, I was working part-time as a sales agent in a call center and I was wondering who was building the systems we're using and generating the leads we're calling so during the break time I would go around different floors to search for such a department. Then when I fount it, I decided to simply knock the door and introduced my self as one of their colleagues who just recently joined the call center, and I also told them that I am currently studying Software Engineering and would love to help in case they could use some help!

They started by giving me minor tasks and then after some time they started to get me involved in their meetings at that point I was in good terms with my direct manager as a sales agent and asked her to request an official internship from the development department so I would come a bit earlier before my shift to work with them. Eventually, the developers I was directly reporting to, had a better offer in another company and before leaving he recommended me to take his place!!! Only at that point (after around 3 or 4 months internship) I started getting paid as a developer!!

What truly helped me was being in good terms with people and taking the initiative to go introduce my self and tell people what I want! People are willing to help only if they know what you need :) I left the company but still in touch with the team and super grateful for everything they taught me! These CONNECTIONS, later on, helped me land my current job. :)

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Carlos Roso Author • Edited

Phew, Esraa, this is so inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Big takeaway from here: all the good things lie behind that door you need to knock at some point, literally.

You had huge courage to speak and say "hey, I like coding, I heard you do that here, can I join?". Amazing.