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Straight from the Linux kernel;

     * IOC3 is fucking fucked beyond belief ...  Don't even give the
     * generic PCI code a chance to look at the wrong register.

It's great because there are a bunch of labels and gotos for oh_my_gawd.
If you're curious, it's in /arch/mips/pci/ops-bridge.c.

There's another where someone drew clouds and I think cows and space ships(??) in ascii art. I can't remember which file it is in though, and it's a lot harder to grep for. I'm pretty sure it's over in the networking portion of the kernel though.

This is another nice one, but it includes source;

/* Oh yes, the MIF BitBang is mighty fun to program.  BitBucket is more like it. */
static void BB_PUT_BIT(struct happy_meal *hp, void __iomem *tregs, int bit)
    hme_write32(hp, tregs + TCVR_BBDATA, bit);
    hme_write32(hp, tregs + TCVR_BBCLOCK, 0);
    hme_write32(hp, tregs + TCVR_BBCLOCK, 1);

Have to love that struct name :). From /drivers/net/ethernet/sun

I'll leave here. The kernel is a goldmine of hilarious, and maybe slightly frightening, comments and humour.

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