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I use FiraCode, mostly for the ligatures but I do also like the look of the font.


Me too! Discovering ligatures has made me shun fonts without support for them now. Used Hack, Inconsolata, Source Code Pro and Consolas before but it's Fira Code everywhere now.


I prefer the Source Code Pro look. There's a version of it with ligatures called Hasklig, which I use right now in VSCode and it's rendered super great.

Hasklig is awesome with VS indeed! Thanks for sharing it.


Why would you want ligatures in your editor font? Seems hard to read to me. Can you give examples of what you mean?


Hell yes, FiraCode. I use it in VS 2017 and VS Code. First thing I install in a brand new environment.

Once you go FiraCode, you don't go back or something.


Ooh, never seen FireCode before but it looks really good - excited to try it in VS 2017 tomorrow!


Caveat: I've not tried it, but question: why would you want ligatures in a mono-spaced font? I'm assuming it's mono-spaced? (Not intended as any sort of knock on your choice, I'm just truly curious.)


Answering my own question: I see that you are (probably) referring to the "ligatures" for various symbol character combinations -- not the traditional typographic ligatures for sequences such as "fi" or "tt". (I worked at a typesetting company many years ago. :-) )


I never heard of ligatures before. They look rad. I'm going to give them a try.

I've been using Monaco as my font otherwise.

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