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I've had 4 out of 5 clients that decided they were better off using wix (or no website at all) over me because I was "expensive." (Though I only charge $300-$600 due to my small town.)

As you put it, dealing with low quality clients is soul sucking.

It also makes one want to leave freelancing when one is surrounded by people that want to take advantage due to age and little experience (they want a forum and e-commerce site for $200 or less).

Glad to know things got better for you, thanks for the encouraging post.


Oh I can definitely relate to that too! I also used to live in a really dinky town and sometimes clients acted like they were doing me a favor by offering me $20for a photo shoot, custom ecommerce website, etc. . .

One good client is all it takes to really turn things around though, I promise you they are out there. Keep on grinding!

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