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Hello, My name is Evans and I reside in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I have been a UX Designer for over a year now, all self-taught and building personal projects to learn, until I started freelancing.

Currently, I'm learning front-end web development, I previously ran away from coding front-end because I felt I couldn't design, after being able to design both user experiences and user interfaces, I decided to return to coding, and so far I'm loving it. I'm currently in the JavaScript stage.

I'm here to learn from the community, get help when I'm stuck, meet amazing people and give back when required of me.

At the end of my learning period I plan to build a do-good project where people can send thank you cards to people they are grateful for. After I have learned ReactJS of course, and I am very much open to working with a back-end developer on it.

I hope to share love & positivity here. Thank you!

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