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re: Hi there, I came across the same problem yesterday, seems Google is not planning to fix it and it is really near impossible to contact the relevant...

Yeah, I haven't solved it yet.

I don't have a strong time pressure to release my extension, so I'm still waiting in hope that Google will fix it in some nearest future.

But if you need to release it soon you might want to implement it via another platform. Stripe API is one of the platforms for this (I don't know other, maybe you want to research some).

As I see it, switching to another platform has following pros:

  • Better support (no 500 error, yay);
  • Cross-platform compatibility (you can release the extension not only to Chrome, but in most cases to other browsers, e.g. Firefox, and who knows, maybe Edge soon).

But the cons:

  • You have to re-write the code to support new API;
  • New API might require backend proxy (I think Stripe requires that, otherwise you'd expose your API keys);
  • The payments won't be integrated so smoothly to Chrome Web Store. Instead of having the button in the store, you would have to implement payment interface yourself.

So, I don't know. I'm not ready yet to re-write my code, so I'm waiting, but maybe for someone time is critical.

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