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webpack-dev-middleware + webpack-dev-server +

app.use(webpackDevMiddleware(compiler, {
publicPath: config.output.publicPath

new webpack.DefinePlugin({'process.env.NODE_ENV': JSON.stringify(process.env.NODE_ENV)}),
or as u did mention
new webpack.DefinePlugin({'process.env.NODE_ENV': JSON.stringify('production')}),

Gives me:
WARNING in configuration
The 'mode' option has not been set. Set 'mode' option to 'development' or 'production' to enable defaults for this environment.

"webpack": "4.0.1",
"webpack-cli": "2.0.9"
"webpack-dev-middleware": "3.0.0",
"webpack-dev-server": "3.1.0",
it seems most latest versions...

How to set 'mode' while using webpack-dev-middleware + webpack-dev-server, any suggestions? ;)

p.s. webpack via command line works fine ;)


Sorry to reply late.
If your webpack.config.js doesn't have 'mode' property, you have to add 'mode' property into your webpack.config.js.

The below is an example.

module.exports = {
  mode: 'production', // <= It is necessary to resolve the warning
  entry: {
    'index': [
      path.resolve(__dirname, 'src/index.js')
  output: {
    filename: '[name].js',
    path: path.resolve(__dirname, 'public'),
    publicPath: '/',
  plugins: [
    new webpack.DefinePlugin({
      'process.env.NODE_ENV': JSON.stringify(process.env.NODE_ENV)
  module: {
    rules: [
        test: /\.(js|jsx)$/,
        use: 'babel-loader',
  resolve: {
    extensions: ['.js', '.jsx'],

Thank you for reading this post.


Hello, Masashi Hirano.

It's seems im miss something in the past, here is examples ) github.com/webpack/webpack/tree/ma...

Anyway, thx ) for response.

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