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Discussion on: Debate: Symfony VS Laravel

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Emmanuel Valverde Ramos

For me it is based a lot on what you want to do with the application you are creating.

If you want an application with CRUD and a lot of logic coupled to the Framework to make an MVP or because the application is small and will not grow, use Laravel.

If what you want is an application that lasts in maintainable time and that is not coupled to the infrastructure, use Symfony.

With Laravel you marry the ORM eloquent an ORM that is an "Active Record" and that will be the one that will dictate the id of your models.

With Symfony you have an ORM that is a "Data Mapper" and that works with the implementation of "Unit of work" that allows the simple implementation of other IDs not stipulated by the ORM.

Many people will say that this of the IDs that I comment, can be achieved with libraries, but obviously you already have to develop things or modify things in the Framework to be able to work.

Also for people like me who are working daily with an application that has been in production with Laravel for a long time, you know that they sell you their ecosystem despite the fact that there are thousands of things that already exist on the market and are proven to work, like Laravel Horizon instead of Rabbit MQ, ...

The Laravel ecosystem is also very changeable, such as when they released Laravel Nova, on Twitter they only read things about that, we use it and they carry more than no real and active support over three years. As you can imagine that is a 💩 for an application in production.

If you know spanish you can watch this videos and understand more if what I al talking about.