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re: they are sharing their solutions there. The solution from member Sneako seems a good one, check it yeah, I ended with a similar solution github.c...

Nice you have been able to figure it out.

Not everything can go in guard clauses. Try to read about them.

I am seeing some doing the advent of code in 2 languages at same time. So why not Elixir and Clojure for solving each day challenge?

No matter what language you want to use for the advent of code would have been good that you had time to prepare for it before, like going through the basics of it.

What worked better for me to left the imperative thinking and adopt the functional programming way was this video course and this book. They are paid but totally worth every cent I paid for them. The author spent a lot of time ensuring that we understand the functional programming paradigm. By the end we have built something useful that we can use in our day to day as developers.

Thank you :-) You're right, I should have gone through at least the tutorial before, but I totally forgot about it :D

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