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Create 100% Stacked Column Chart in Excel Office 365 – Quick Steps!!

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A 100% Stacked Column Chart is one of the basic chart types. This chart will show the relative percentage of multiple data series in stacked columns. It can display the percentage-of-the-whole of each group and are plotted by the percentage of each value to the total amount in each group. In this guide, we will see how to create a 100% Stacked Column Chart in Excel Office 365.

Create 100% Stacked Column Chart:

To insert a 100% stacked column chart in the worksheet, do as follows.

  • Open the workbook where you want to create the chart.
  • Then, select the data range that you want to chart based on.

Select the range
Select the range

  • On the Insert tab, select the 100% Stacked Column Chart option in the Charts section.

Kutools Tab
Kutools Tab

  • You will get the chart based on your data as shown in the below screenshot.


Pros and Cons:


  • Multiple categories are placed in a compact space.
  • It can show part-to-whole change over time.


  • It is difficult to compare all series except the first.
  • Visually complex.

A Brief description:

In this post, you can quickly understand the steps to create a 100% Stacked Column Chart in Excel Office 365. Leave your feedback in the comment section. Thanks for visiting Geek Excel. Keep Learning!


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