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Discussion on: 11 Reasons I love Linux, and 1 why I don't

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Carl Draper
  • "receive SMS on Linux when the Android phone is in the same wifi" Already able to with KDE Connect and also Google Messages in Chrome.

  • "use your Android camera as a webcam on your Linux computer" - already possible

  • "being able to receive/initiate phone calls on a Linux device when the Android phone is in the same wifi" - only Apple have that feature with continuity, but it only works with iPhones. Android is not fully Linux so it's harder to do the same. I don;t think Windows has the option either (especially since Windows phone is dead).

It is mostly personal preference. Some things are easier on some operating systems. Windows out the box actually lacks a lot of stuff that OEMs add later. No office suite, no DVD burning suite, only basic zip file support etc, you end up having to search the net for those, whereas they are either preinstalled on Linux or available in the package manager in a few clicks. Does Windows have a backup tool configured out the box by default?