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Introducing EAS

EAS stands for Expo Application Services, the fastest way to get your Expo app from development to the app stores.

Over the last few months, we've been previewing two new services: EAS Build and EAS Submit, the first services available from Expo Application Services (EAS).

Today, we're happy to announce that EAS is moving out of preview and into general availability!

What is EAS?

Expo is our open-source project: it will always be both open source and free - forever!

Expo Application Services (EAS) are our hosted cloud services built for both Expo and React Native. With EAS Build and Submit, we make it faster and easier for you to get your app from development into the app stores.

To learn more about EAS, head over to or check out our docs.

EAS Build and Submit

EAS Build takes everything good about the classic Expo build service (expo build:[android|ios]) and leaves all of its limitations behind. EAS Build raises the ceiling on what's possible with Expo managed workflow apps by adding support for custom native code and for building "Development clients" in the cloud. The service works great with both managed and bare Expo apps, or any React Native app you throw at it. You can also run it locally or on your own infrastructure.

You can build your app with EAS Build and automatically submit to app stores with EAS Submit in minutes or less, thanks to automatically managed app signing credentials, automatic submissions, and defaults that just work for most Expo and React Native apps.

Internal distribution makes it easy to share test builds with colleagues and friends using ad hoc provisioning or enterprise provisioning on iOS and APK side-loading on Android.

Everything works great for your entire team out of the box and can be integrated into your existing CI/CD workflows.

New EAS plans

With our EAS General Availability release, we are introducing three new plans: Free, Production, and Enterprise.

All our EAS services are now available under the Free plan, which is a great option for pre-revenue startups and proofs-of-concept, as well as hobby and student projects.

The Production plan is for any commercial app in production generating more than $1,500 per month in revenue, or any team using EAS in a serious way. With the Production plan, you get priority for your builds, additional build concurrencies, and access to add-ons as well as to the Expo Professionals forum. The Production plan is $99/month.

The Enterprise plan is for teams that want to work closely with Expo on their apps. Enterprise plans include more of everything in the Production plan and gives access to add-on features like SLAs and dedicated support.

Folks currently on the EAS Priority plan will be able to stay on that plan until they're ready to switch!

Enterprise support add-on

We often get requests for additional levels of support and are happy to announce our Enterprise Support plan that's now available as an add-on to our Enterprise plan.

With Enterprise Support you'll get direct access to the Expo team for questions and troubleshooting via a dedicated Slack channel. To learn more, check out our Enterprise Support page.

Get started with EAS - free!

All Expo accounts get access to the free EAS plan, so everyone can now try out EAS Build and Submit.

To learn more, look at creating your first build.

Thank you!

We want to extend a huge thank you to all the developers who participated in the preview and provided feedback for EAS Build and Submit. That feedback was a tremendous resource whether it was helping to track down a tricky bug, uncovering new use cases, or suggesting new improvements and functionality.

In total, developers participating in the EAS preview period built over 100,000 successful builds of their apps - with over 80,000 app store submissions! Hats off to all our preview developers!

Of course, just because we're out of the preview period, that doesn't mean we're done! We'll continue to add great new features and services - so please stay tuned and keep that feedback coming in!

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Paul Planchon

I've been using EAS for some months now. Its amazing. Like game changing. Coding apps without expo is such a mistake now.