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Discussion on: TypeScript?.. or JavaScript?

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Alistair MacDonald Author

Right. Other than a clear model for componentization, it's hard to think of anything libraries offered that I wasn't already doing in one form or another. JSX/Hyper-HTML has also been quite revolutionary in it's own right, but on the other hand, that does come at a cost. I do like that the React community brought an awareness of classic CS concepts like immutability, side-effects, memoization, etc.

I could be very wrong here, but... I think the industry will dramatically shift back away from mega-frameworks and build-systems this decade, mostly due to new browser capabilities like Web Components and Modular JavaScript. I can't wait, it's going to be clean again for a while.

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Mike Bybee • Edited

I actually don't have a problem with React - now Redux's obsession with pure functions to the point that you need either band-aidy (Thunk) or even more super-duper-boilerplatey (Saga) middleware just for async is a different story - in fact, it's my favorite library (actually React Native on mobile web and desktop, it's amazing what you can do with a single codebase without relying on a WebView these days).

I actually dug pretty deeply into HyperHTML (and other smaller libraries like Riot, and strictly relying on modern vanilla JS) before giving React a serious, unbiased chance, but I kept running into wheels that needed to be reinvented.

I haven't experienced many tradeoffs with JSX, especially now that there's hardly any reason for me to worry about repeating class/lifecycle methods (or using classes at all) ever again.

The thing that keeps me from web components is the same thing I ask any time I hear about use of just about any web framework/library: What's your mobile strategy? I don't like fragmenting teams to build what is often the same exact app in multiple codebases, if it's not absolutely necessary.