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re: Very nice! The only thing that stood out is the scroll bar on mobile view, maybe hide it. There are small things in your about me text which I wo...

Wow! This is some great feedback. I see that you actually went through the content and I really really appreciate it. Also, thank god you didn't take a look at it yesterday. I had over 50 typo and grammatical errors! -_-
You're correct about the spelling of 'agnostic'. I'll fix the capital letter issues and the spelling soon. :)

I agree with you about the scrollbar and I'm thinking about making it less visible on mobile since I'm preventing the native scrollbar from appearing.

About "And oh, No progress bar showing I'm 93% expert at React, Sorry.", I just realized that it's kind of rude! I've seen a lot of people have those bars in their portfolio and I have nothing against it. But that line expresses somewhat a rude vibe. So I'm gonna remove it.
Also, I just have an idea of adding a live and actual coding stats like this:
code stats
in the skill section which might allow me to get rid of most of the text on that page.

Thank you very very much for all the thoughtful suggestions. It'll help me refining the site. Thanks a lot! _^


We, the developers, understand the line. I actually found it very funny - not rude at all. Just that your portfolio will hopefully be viewed by all kinds of people. They might not get the inside joke :)

As a geek I like that graph idea, how useful might it be - don't know.

Well, I thought about it this way: Let's say I'm a person with a lot of those colorful bars on my portfolio. And I landed on this guys site who is saying, Sorry no bars!
I'd get a pinch if I'm a sensitive person.

And you brought up and important point. I need to think about the content from the perspective of a general viewer. And hopefully, it'll be viewed by a few geeks someday as well :P

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