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Discussion on: Full-time, side projects, learning, and staying sane

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Fabio Rosado

This is such good advice. One of the most important bit would be diet and exercise, I felt completely dead at times, but after starting working out I got more energy and my brain seems to work much better - also focusing for long periods of time is not as painful as it was in the past.

Also this - Expect things to always take much longer than you think. - sometimes I think: "Oh yeah, I encounter this issue somewhere else, this will be quick. A day later I'm still stuck on some weird bug haha

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Anna Simoroshka Author

"Oh yeah, we will have a beta version in 2 months" One year later it is still in the making XD

Good point about the diet. Especially cutting down sugar in general and snacks between meals, this works great for me.