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I use all three OSes: Linux, Mac and Windows. All of them have things I like, and all of them have things I hate. Here are a few:

Love: general OS design, usability, boot up time is acceptable.
Hate: having to buy a new laptop every few years when the OS can no longer upgrade to a new version, just so I can keep using XCode.

Love: Visual Studio, greater apps and games availability, hardware compatibility
Hate: doesn't run on non-SSD drives (some people will argue against this but they probably have not tried it), automatic updates (nothing like the PC shutting down mid-work and spending 30 minutes installing updates, without warning).

Love: boot up time (depends on distro), docker
Hate: dependencies, compiling source code just to have usable software.

There are many more things I could say, but these are just a few.

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