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Discussion on: Advanced TypeScript Exercises - Question 10

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Stepan Zubashev

My solution:

type Merge<A, B> = 
    & Omit<A, keyof B>
    & Omit<B, keyof A>
    & {
        [key in keyof A & keyof B]: (A[key] & B[key]) extends never
            ? A[key]
            : A[key] & B[key]
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I hope I understand the task properly. Unfortunately my solution doesn't show anything except "XY" when you hover it. But it looks like it passes the test.

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Stepan Zubashev

in such a way that the latter type will overwrite types of fields of former type.

I didn't read it properly. But, BTW, my task is more interesting :)
My code really merges 2 objects. But it avoids "never" during merge. When there's never it takes the 2nd arguments value.