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re: Has Stack Overflow Become An Antipattern? VIEW POST


It seems like, it's you who wanted to type a hyped out article and get popularity, you owe me 20 minutes of life, your article is funny as exaggerated grotesque, nothing else.

You got 4k points it's pretty much if you want to be the first, you should have luck if you one to be as "bill gates" you have to be first everywhere, first man on the moon is only one, but it's not about having most points, but knowledge sharing, you seem to push too hard to get reputation. Otherwise why to even care that a few people have a lot of artificial points? Those are not money, they don't exploit people, few have gigantic points but millions of users harvest knowledge advantage, you might envy about life is not fair thinking of Taylor Swift earning much more than any scientist will ever see, just swallow it.

I don't agree, you would be harshly surprised, how many questions are not replied there, I have about dozens in my todo list. If you think of popular questions, then you are right, probably many are already replied like popular domain names or emails, what did you expect really? How to perform echo replied in the year 2180?

My questions are never duplicated, answers are many but comments are rarely a different solution to an incomplete one, one has to check the other answers.

There are too many questions in computer science properly done or clearly discussed.

Maybe it's even partially like that, but if you plan to do it like that, you are partially or completely wrong. Many times it's not that their answer is wrong, but from a different angle or different context, or the most frequently used.

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