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re: As much as I hate JS and its 'ecosystem' I have to agree with you. That said I can't wait to have WASM working properly so we'll finally be able to...

IMO you can already do that, you run any language you want on a server and you AJAX data to the front end. I do not think WASM will change that, it just replaces some AJAX. Currently, WASM can not modify DOM so you will still use JS. You pass input to WASM and you get back output. It basically moved some server logic to the frontend.

Not really: you can create language-specific libraries that then do call Javascript for DOM operations and allow you to register callbacks.
After that you can use, for example, your language decent type management, decent inheritance support, good standard library to write complex interfaces much more easily than with a language where 1+'1' is '11' but 1 - '1' is 0, has undefined, your best object extension option is to use a mixin and where you need to import half a million files to avoid reinventing the wheel... ;-)

I am super interested in WASM but just playing devil's advocate here. I also think we could do away with the DOM and simply render in WebGL. Are you doing something in WASM already? Any language preferences there? I am considering Rust.

I've seen some examples in Rust (using a library for very basic DOM manipulation) and tried Mozilla's Python "notebook" environment Pyodide.
I'm also experimenting a bit with Transcrypt Python-to-JS transpiler, but nothing is going to production soon (real work or games)

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