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Discussion on: Does Studying For Whiteboard Interviews Make You A Better Engineer?

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Michael Fasani

Yes, I honestly think all engineers should have access to something like leet code and should actively work through the challenges. I think it helps immensely at becoming a better coder. At the same time I think testing people in interviews on those kind of questions is a bit ridiculous. There is 1600+ exercises and knowing one or the other is pointless. I mean half the time when I revisit my previous code I don’t remember it. I’ve done quite a few in JS and now I am learning Rust I plan to do them again in Rust. I think it just makes great practice. If it lands me a job all the better but I think being able to make a solution and then examine how other people solved the same issue is what makes you better. The same is true for working on open source projects, to get better at software we need to practice, study, share, learn, be challenged and that makes us grow.