deno-diceware. A Deno Password Generator.

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What is this?

deno-diceware is a Command-Line utility for generating passwords based on the Diceware Standard.

How does it work?

$: diceware --count 5
$: xxxxxxxxxxx (password)

Where can I find it?


Can I contribute?

Absolutely!! Open-source is based on collaboration! Fork the repository, work to your hearts content, and submit a pull request once you think it's ready.


DENO! I'm super excited that there's a new server-side JavaScript runtime being released. It's pretty clearly far from production-ready, but that doesn't mean we can't start working with it.

Closing Thoughts

So far, Deno feels like a major upgrade from Node. Top-level await + typescript out of the box feels almost magical. The other major improvement I've noticed that isn't really being mentioned is the standard library. Node obviously has a set of standard features, but unlike most server-side languages it lacks a dedicated standard library. In Deno, the stdlib is not only well defined, but really robust for where the language is in its lifecycle.

The future of JavaScript looks bright. But let's hear your thoughts? Have you built anything with Deno yet? Are you planning on giving it a go? Or are you sick and tired of seeing JavaScript reinvented every six months? Let everyone know in the comments.

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