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Github is the atelier of a developer

I honestly don't think that github is a good place to show only your best work. If you are going to check my github, you will see every side-project I've worked on. It's not meant to be a portfolio, but a work table.
If you are only showing the better, polished, clean, and sometimes modified stuff, how do you expect someone to know what are you qualities, and flaws? Having two github accounts is also not really a good idea, for the same reasons. Considering the amount of possibilities to create an actual page to show your work (github pages, netlify, etc..), masking your profile like that doesn't sound really good. In my opinion is not even honest.

Making an analogy, I would say that the github (or gitlab, bitbucket,etc...) is the atelier of the developer. When you see an atelier of a sculptor, you expect to have residues from the material used (like mud, wood,etc) ,tools on the table, and other unfinished works on the corners. The same applies to our github. Of course, our pinned repositories are the ones we are proud of, but our work, our side projects, should be there as well

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