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I need the following:

  • SSL proxy forwarding (Apache proxy with lets encrypt)
  • OAuth authentication with bearer tokens.
  • Swagger out of the box, or easy to configure without marshmallow(It is too strict)

This works perfectly in Flask.

If Bocadilly can document this I will give it a try :-)


Thanks, this is very helpful!

We’ve been working on reusability so far, but I think built-in OpenAPI/Swagger support will be the next big thing. It’s been a very demanded feature!

As for OAuth (and other kinds of authentication), it’s also on the road map. In fact I’ve already begun working on authentication for ASGI apps here: starlette-auth-toolkit.

SSL proxy forwarding

You can serve a Bocadillo app with HTTPS using uvicorn/Gunicorn, and this is documented here: HTTPS. If you’re thinking of something else, let me know!

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