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re: Hey, super good points! Spacefn layer: I remapped holding space down to cmd for some weeks, but it showed side effects when I typed sloppily. Your...


I currently have right option bound to hyper (I was never using it for anything else).

Since you have capslock bound to ctrl/esc maybe you could go with the left ctrl? Or something else that you don't use. If you are super daring, how about mapping enter (when chorded) to it?! (and of course leaving a single enter to it's normal functionality).

Here is my current karabiner config:

Ah, very cool, I will try this out!
What do you use to create the shortcuts based on the hyper key?

Good question! I am using Hammerspoon - here is my config for an example:

(Ignore the keyboard swapping bit, that's out of date. Karabiner elements supports device dependent mappings now)

Another useful tool to have in one's back pocket.

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