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Discussion on: What are the main struggles of working as a freelancer while having a 9to5 job?

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Fernando Garcia Author

Thanks for your input!

12~16 hours sounds crazy. I was working like this for a startup for a little more than a year and I got burned out in the end. I realized it wasn't the lifestyle that I wanted — nowadays I get home from work and focus on one task only, slowly but surely it is getting me the results I want without compromising my commodities and health.

And about the gaining weight part, I completely agree with you and would also add that eating right and sleeping right is even more important!

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joon • Edited on

Yeah, burnout is something that I'm constantly trying to be aware of and prevent before the inevitable is triggered.
There are great posts related to the subject on devto uploaded seemingly almost daily and simply reading those really helps in my opinion.
A quick note on sleeping, in my experience, when I have more than 5 hours left to sleep, I found it to be more beneficial on the long run to still put some time aside (at least 20 minutes) for a quick workout - but that could just be me :)