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Discussion on: Juggling Multiple Languages Simultaneously

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Thomas H Jones II

The "too many languages" thing is really more a problem if you haven't created very solid programming skills in one language. It's a lot easier to language-bounce when you know that a given thing should be doable in a language (because you're able to do it in another language) ...At which point, Google becomes your best buddy because you know the capability has to be there and you've enough background to know how to run a query to find it.

Knowing a specific language inside-and-out also helps you better analyze "which one of these other languages make achieving 'X' task-set easier" (since you know that a given language ought to do something and you have more solid baseline against which to measure "easier"). If you're not solid somewhere, though, you risk floundering in each of the languages you're bouncing across.

All that aside, it's a near lock that your style-conformance will suffer. But there's enough CI plugins out there to help with that problem.