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Discussion on: How do you deal with stress?

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Thomas H Jones II

I started making a real effort to re-engage in energizing activities. I've long been a fan of attending live music performances (hate "live" recordings) - seeing hundreds of concerts in my 20s. But, a couple of travel jobs in my late 20s through late 30s nearly broke me of it.

When my job changed such that I could work from home with frequency, I set up my work space to have music going. Music helps mask the far more distracting (to me) random noises. That rekindled my desire to take in live music performances. So, now I'm back to going to a couple concerts per quarter ...and, last year, started going to festivals again (it's only about 40 days til I need to hop a plane to Vegas to go to EDC, again!).

I still get really crispy from work frustrations. But having fun events to look forward helps me get through them.