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re: I am working daily on the following systems: Linux (Arch/i3, Arch/Gnome, Fedora/Gnome) Windows 10 pro MacOS 10.14 Here's my opinion on them. L...

My Mac-loving co-workers often ask me "why do you use a Windows laptop instead of a Macbook?" For me, I found that, much like Diane:

macos has been one of the worst experiences I could meet, and it still continues to drive me crazy every day.

More: the last time I had to carry an Apple laptop, it was both more fragile than my HP and Dell laptops and, when it broke, was a lot more of a righteous pain in the ass to get serviced. Seriously: when I'm spending that kind of money for a computer and, especially, a service-contract, your repair-monkey ought to be coming to me, not forcing me to come to some mall to talk to a "genius".

A few years ago, I found Windows to be pretty awful to work with, especially regarding accessibility and configuration

On the plus side, things like Cygwin/X was good for making Windows an easy way to interact with remote UNIX and Linux hosts. And, if I wasn't having to do any low-level tasks in my code, I could even do shit locally/offline, and it would work when I pushed it to my development-targets.

but windows 10 somehow managed to get seriously better, and I now use it daily to work with the same comfort level as linux.

The Metro interface is still godawful, but a bit less aggressively so than it was in Windows 8. So, there's that. But, yeah, the other, less Windowsy bits make it require a lot less in the way of "taming" just to get work done (and, unlike OSX, you can tame it).


I think you didn't finish this sentence. Did you?

I think my browser monched something. I had had a complete thought in there, though I can't remember specifically what (so, nuked the stub).


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