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Sounds like you get a lot more use out of conferences than I ever did. Ultimately, unless I'm presenting, I avoid them &ndash especially larger ones or ones that don't offer small seesions – like the plague. I get too frustrated when I can't ask questions or, if questions are never usefully answered. A lot less frustrating reading good documentation.


I think it really depends what job you do, what your conference goals are, and what the conference is. As a learning only tool it may not be effective for you!


I'm a deep in the weeds kind of person, even when things are notionally brand-new to me. Basically, if a presentation trips the "this seems like <thing_im_already_familiar_with>" circuit, I immediately want to know "how is <new_thing> different when dealing with <rabbit-hole_thing>". When I'm reading something, if such an event is triggered, gratification is generally a quick Google search away. If I'm at a presentation, the combination of having to wait to ask a question – which, if I even get the chance to ask – invariably results in receiving the "why do you have three heads" look.

Patience has never been a strong-suit, for me, particularly when it comes to learning.

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