Discussion on: Have you ever struggled with imposter syndrome? 👽

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Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

Very frequently to be honest. When I started my job as a junior developer, I used to be afraid of getting exposed. I used ti think that someday everyone will figure out that I know nothing.

I've worked hard through the years and have gone through some promotions. Currently I'm the technical lead and have also published two gigantic articles on freeCodeCamp, but still I feel like that someday all my teammates will know that their lead is unworthy.

The worst part is I remain under pressure because of this feeling. I feel the urge to always be one step ahead and as a human, I can do just too much. Yesterday my CTO told me strictly to get a good sleep and stay off the grid this weekend.

I'm happy to have a team that takes care of me like family. I just wish to be happy with myself and not feel like an imposter.