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Discussion on: A Guide to Giving Better Feedback

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Salli Figler

This is an excellent article on such an important topic. People are so afraid to have direct conversations and give feedback before it is too late. Too late meaning the employee continues to do something unacceptable and there is no turning back – other than firing them. They may not have had any idea things were going so wrong!
Feedback is one of the most important ways people grow, learn and become self-aware. When feedback is given in a professional way as described in Pendleton’s Model of Feedback, it is usually welcomed. In giving feedback, think about how you would receive the feedback you are giving. When receiving feedback, try to be open, listen carefully and don’t be defensive. Even when painful, sometimes it is best to not say anything. Think about what you heard over the next day or so, then you might react differently than you would have if you reacted at that moment. Feedback is generally given to help you – not hurt you.