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Discussion on: Do not put skill bars on your resume!

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Fin Chen

The main downside of skill bars is readability.
How should I know what a full skill bar means? Everybody have their own interpretations.

But to some of this articles point, especially "Equal difficulty" and "subjective and unreliable", the solution didn't help much.

From my experience with many HRs and interviews, skill bar is used to attract HR who needs to filter lots of candidates from a pile of resumes. In this case, skill bar does have its strength, it's eye catching.

TBH, engineers don't like skill bars, because it tells too few informations (so as word like "proficient"). That's when experience and side project and some github link comes in. These are the real content engineers care about.

In short: Skill bars + level of skill in words for HR / ATS, real code or project content for engineers.