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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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I guess I just don’t like the idea of using this (or any other platform) for personal gains. I get if you or someone wants to link to your other site, blog or whatever but most of the time it’s just dripping a link in here and taking advantage of the user base for their own gains. Put the work into the platform you participate in.

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What isn't for personal gain? Isn't your own personal enjoyment of reading posts - for your own personal gain? Should everyone write for magazines and create videos and write tutorials with the specific goal of 'not gaining anything?' We get your sentiment. But - also - it seems like the tables have turned and no one has noticed. You're creating the content - and the companies are selling your content - and the eyes that are on that content / to the highest bidder.

You are working for the advertisers.

Linking to your work - and sharing your thoughts and strategies AND your business - is NORMAL. That's the normal way of life. If you're saying that we should never do anything that would bring any attention or money back to us / and that we should do all of that - in a system that specifically brings attention and money to the highest bidder... then it sounds like the culture is going to be over a lot faster than we are comfortable with.

It seems like the people who are the least confident about what value they have to provide - are the ones shouting down the people with honest value and honest intentions. Assuming that someone isn't "putting in the time" and really having an honest conversation and relationship with the people on a platform - is a lazy type of gatekeeping. We help people on SO, Discord, Here, Quora - and all over the web - and trust us - 90% of that is never reciprocated - and certainly doesn't generate any money.

This is a sad state of affairs when "coders" beg for positions at Google so they can exploit people for a living - and then hang around judging people for just trying to be human. It's worth a second thought here ---