Why you should keep a coding journal

Jack Fisher on June 11, 2019

I strongly believe that a daily journal is one of the best habits you can pick up if you are trying to improve your coding skills, especially as a ... [Read Full]
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This is best way to keep track of career experiece. No need to go throght the same problem onece again when you having a journal. But guys are use any tool to manage your daily jorunal. If you do please lets us know.


I use a pen and notebook, I spend all day on screens and devices so there's something nice about actually writing something down. However I understand why people want a digital journal and I think if the right app presented itself I would be open to trying it


I originally started doing this when I was doing the 100 Days of Code Challenge. It worked out really well. I'd link to what I had worked on, talked about what I did, what I had to learn to do it, and what my next plan was. I'd also include links to cool articles or tutorials I found and whether I had read them or were saving them to read for later.

Plus 100 Days of Code asked us to keep our log on github so it was kind of public accountability and some green squares on my profile :)


That's a really cool idea to make it public and host it on GitHub. I might start sharing some of my journal entries on Twitter as I'm doing the 100 days of code challenge currently. Thanks!


Would be cool to have a file that's just a list of resources you read/used as well so it's easy to share with people later!

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