How to pick a Computer Science program

Evan Conrad on April 03, 2019

So you're 18 and making the largest purchasing decision of your life University is a weird concept. On one hand, you should pick a pla... [Read Full]
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you're paying for the cost of a home

I'm always baffled when I read this.

My degree cost me ~4000€ and that was just because I happened to be studying in the small timeframe where Germany had student fees.

I mean, you're totally right with your article, if you pay that amount of money, you better get a degree that gets you a job.

And while I prefer the work outside of academia, I just don't know if it is in the sense of academia to curry favour with the economy.


Something that's also nice about college is ACM or general computer science clubs. There was a club at my school that regularly hosted events with companies and tech talks about various computer science topics. Having a club like that at your college is invaluable.


Agreed! Though clubs are something that'd more start-able by students. If you go to a school that doesn't have a club like this; start your own!

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