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Discussion on: How to build a Email Newsletter Subscriber in Django?

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Emmanuel Okiche

There is no where the tutorial shows the newsletter subscription.
I couldn't find any newsletter service.
The tutorial just shows how to use insert to db with ajax and how to send an email.

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Shubham Singh Kshatriya Author

Every site I visited so far, ask to enter an email and click on subscribe. This way my email is with them. Now if they want to send any updates to subscribed users, they will draft a mail and send to every email that's in the database. These 2 things together constitute a newsletter service. I guess this tutorial helps to make a way for users to subscribe to a site (store their emails in our db through UI). Next step will be to send updates to all the subscribed users( I did mentioned this at the end).

I referred to few articles across web and most of them have this logic. If I am wrong with my understanding, apologies for that.