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Discussion on: Speed Up Your UX with Skeleton Loading ☠️

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I wish there was a website that takes your fully loaded webpage and generates a skeleton screen that you can add to your code.

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sanderdebr Author

Awesome idea, I'm gonna try to build this!

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Yonatan Shippin

This wouldn't work with dynamic content- and that's actually fine.
The skeleton is not intended to exactly match the content of the loaded site - But it is supposed to hint what's coming.

Also, don't forget it's normally only the "Above the fold" content we care about.

My favourite way of applying a skeleton is to keep the structure of the html same as the loaded content but have the ".skeleton" class added to each element.

The class makes it look like a skeleton (i.e. apply the grey background, loading animation etc) and when the content has finished loading for the specific div - the class gets removed (by javascript).