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How to get 4000+ followers on Spotify

David Leuliette
Hi , Im a React Native freelance engineer working remotely. I am on a mission is to make peoples lives easier through mentoring, minimalist design, and automation.
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If you know me personally, you may have noticed that I have a passion for music. I am always keen on going to music festivals to see live gigs.

Thats why I am a paid Spotify user since day one.

When I am working, I am always listening to some music for getting in the zone.

I started to create some playlist for focusing on my work during my coding sessions. During the process, I followed a growth strategy.

Nowadays, I am contacted by artists themselves to add some music, was interview on specialized websites and even getting paid to promote artists on my playlists.

SEO growth hack on Spotify

First of all, I choose a keyword: Mixtape

Second keyword: coding

when you hit 50 sounds, create a new playlist by adding a new keyword.

On my case I have:

  • Mixtape for coding
  • Rock Mixtape for coding
  • Movies Mixtape for coding
  • Electro Mixtape for coding

Simple right?

All my playlists are available on my website.

Curated music for focused work

Design template for your playlists

Famous Youtubers spend hours to create the thumbnails of their videos.

In my case, I used Figma with nice colored gradients.

Here is the Figma Template. If you want to use it, feel free to duplicate

Figma - Spotify Playlists Template

Thats it for today.

Dont forget to send me your playlists, I am always looking for new sounds.

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Ben Sinclair

Why do you want your playlists to have lots of followers? Is there any benefit?