Flexing Your Creativity Through Code

Milecia McG on August 29, 2019

Many people think software is some rigid, grinding environment. You have a list of tasks to get done and you do them in the prioritized order. What... [Read Full]
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"When you start connecting the dots between topics that don't have dots, you're reaching the nirvana of creativity."

Yes! This is an excellent point. There are too many to-do apps and Hackernews clones out there already. Get creative!


Nice tips! I often have to take a step back and remind myself that coding is really magical (!) - and I like doing that by just making something fun, just for me. I really like the idea creativity is a skill that can be practiced - so just make something fun and something you wouldn't normally do! Thanks :)


I like these points. I do hope to see the conversation evolve to include how to foster creativity in stricter development environments. We only have stationary individual desktops at my workplace and I know my colleagues are yearning for some of the benefits you analyze here.


Fantastic post! I love the idea of building things that no one would use. It sounds so freeing :)


Great article! Thanks Milecea. I will certainly put this tips in practice.


Very promising post and techniques , I like sleeping on the problem and deriving and exploring the solutions which comes out of wrap as an instinct.


And don’t forget to share your work! Even if you think it’s not very good, sharing with a friend is a good way to keep the creativity flowing.


Some Great tips and ideas her Milecia, keep up the great work!

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