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Maintainer of Bocadillo here! 👋

Thanks a lot for this post, @aligoren ! Very concise and nicely written. :-)

P.S.: the "ASGI 'lifespan' protocol appears unsupported." message you see when starting the Uvicorn server is because is missing a small thing, i.e. a call to configure():

from bocadillo import App, configure

app = App()

This is documented here, if you're interested: Minimal working application

Thanks again for this article!


Hehe :)

Thanks. I actually knew that (ASGI lifespan message). I have a plan for Bocadillo. I'm thinking about a series. Maybe like Miguel Grinberg's Flask series.

I enjoyed with Bocadillo. Thanks <3 :)


That would be awesome! If you need anything from me, my DMs are open, here or on Twitter. :)

Haha. Are you sure? I’ll be trouble :P

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